Field network (telephone and personal) expert in large research and different methodologies.


YOU are our starting point. Learning what you need, what your problem is at any time, listening to you to reach a diagnosis of your situation, and from that point on giving you the answer you're looking for.

By and to, RANDOM strategy team invests in your project at all stages of the investigation. In this regard, the collection of information, based on the rigor and quality, located on expert teams in: 

  • CATI internal platform: Great team of interviewers and supervisors that allows us to address important fieldwork. Recording interviews, in situ and remote monitoring.
  • CAPI/ personal interviews: We have a network in 20 Spanish provinces and their areas of influence. We perform General Media Study since 2004.
  • Own ONLINE application for the design and data capture.
  • Programmers and statisticians for the exploitation of the study.

 Besides, RANDOM strategy has rooms prepared for performing all kinds of qualitative studies.