How can we design the ideal trip for different types of travellers and encourage user loyalty to a means of transport? What and how should a travel company communicate to attract new customers and strengthen its relationship with its existing users? What are the transport keys for companies from the time they hire suppliers to the after-sales stage:  logistics, service...? What factors should be considered when designing public transport networks? 

Keys for your inspiration:

We have in-depth knowledge of travel experiences because we know what drives travellers. We can estimate the impact of new services and new ways of 'moving around' in an industry that is changing at the same pace as technology.

We help our clients to empathise with their users. We go inside your company to transmit market knowledge.

We know what companies are looking for when choosing a transport supplier, and we’ve found the keys to retaining customers and finding new ones.

Projects carried out for our clients:
· Mobility studies: modal analysis of itineraries
· Knowledge of our traveller: Traveller segmentations and typologies
· The Traveller Experience: Perceived quality and Recommendation
· Brand image and positioning: Benchmarking
· Mobility model design: survey of stated traveller preference
· Auditing of information point staff / Traveller care. Mystery Shopper
· Quality standards for goods transportation