What hardware and software features do consumers value today when getting equipped or updating? What data services are most in-demand? What is your customers’ experience of the advanced services you offer? Are they optimised? What is the perception of your different store networks? Do they act in line with your strategy and action plan? What are the promotions that drive subscription? What is the perceived quality of each one of your company’s touch points? What is the experience generated by your web? In terms of products, handset queries, self-care ... How can you optimise the customer’s experience of your brand?

Here are some keys for your inspiration:

On the basis of a preliminary analysis of the situation and the surveys at your disposal, we’ll come up with an initial diagnosis of risks and opportunities to guide our research recommendations. We’ll take into account the society macro-trends impacting on the telecommunications and e-business sector. Because we’re sure that this way our research will take a step further in generating insights to inspire you.

We’ve extensive experience in exploring customers’ perception of different telecommunication services on the market and the operators providing them. We understand your Business Intelligence teams’ analyses and know how to work in synergy with them. For example, by developing customer typologies combining your tariff and service use segmentations with our explorations of their attitudes to telecommunications.

We share in your sector’s time-to-market, we know how to respond within the timeframe marked out by the different market players, and provide "real time" keys for deciding on future campaigns and promotions.

We analyse points of experience in order to optimise service processes based on customer experience.

Our experience in telecommunications includes:

 Sizing and portfolio structure for telephony and internet access,
 Brand strategy and management:
· Brand image, campaign pre-and post-tests,
 Products and services:
· Concept and pricing tests,
· Incidence of Operators’ advanced services, user profile, perceived quality,
· Advanced service user panels for beta phases,
· Innovation and product re-positioning workshops
· Promotion tests
· Perceived quality of different operators’ coverage.
Customer strategy:
· Customer segmentations and typologies
· Touchpoints y Mystery
· Customer experience: perceived quality, satisfaction and recommendation (point-of-sale, customer care, after-sales service, first and second lines and back-office, self-care),
· Auditing of stores, of channel response, of different operators’ offer,
· Customer journey: perception and optimisation of the multi-channel strategy, and end-to-end quality.