What issues are currently of concern to the population in our geographical area? And the firms based in it? How do the public assess the services provided by local government or service provider companies? What communication channels should the Candidate tap into in order to gain voting intention?

Keys for your inspiration:

We bring our extensive experience, expertise and methodological rigour to research projects on socio-political issues.

We feel that any sociological reality draws on a multitude of social agents when shaping the image of an institution, political party or candidate seeking election. This requires multifocal approaches for more workable results when devising institutional campaigns, improving services for citizens, creating communicational strategies and territories for politicians and parties, etc…

Taking into account the point-of-views from the various (internal and external) agents of change is often a critical factor of success when providing insights and recommendations for action.

Some markets we’ve explored/diagnosed:

Studies for Administrations and Public Institutions on different levels: local, regional, central and European government.

Service provider companies working for public administrations.

Universities, hospitals and social/political study centres.

The third sector: NGOs, non-profit organisations, welfare projects, foundations, professional associations…

Political candidates, political parties and trade unions.

Projects carried out for our clients:

· “Demand and use of open government in Spain”
· Citizen’s opinions on social, cultural and ICT issues
· Image of institutions/organisations
· Assessment of services provided by Administrations or their providers
· Visitor / user profile
· Family and education, university education
· Environment and recycling
· Public transport and car parks
· Assessment of institutional campaigns
· Satisfaction with events, exhibitions…cultural activities
· Image and popularity of candidates
· Voting intention
·  Communication strategy for campaigns / parties / candidates
· Models for work-related organisation and environments
· Occupational hazards