How have the different media audiences been evolving in Spain? How do readers rate my magazine’s contents? What features should my app have according to its potential users? How can we attract more followers to our Facebook page?

Keys for your inspiration:

Our customers’ questions cover different areas of decision-making: on-off global strategy, IT format used, content marketing, conversation ... new digital media, consistency between the brand’s touch points... A whole galaxy of relationships with the consumer to be explored and discovered.

In projects with advertisers, as starting point we’ll carry out a 360º joint review of their communication, to produce a situational map that’s as complete as possible. This alone will already provide us with hypotheses and some insights to enhance the research process’s focus and final recommendations.

Some markets we’ve explored/diagnosed:

We conduct 3 waves/year of the EGM (General Media Study in Spain) for the AIMC (Communication Media Research Association in Spain)

Printed media, fairs, events and sponsorship, brochures, web sites and Apps, social networks, Web 2.0

Projects carried out for our clients:

· Media audiences
· Media/format content tests
· New communication routes for the brand
· Communication tests
· Touchpoints in the customer journey roadmap
· Assessment of fairs/events/sponsorship
· Auditing of the brand’s social network
· Web usability tests
· App feature exploration
· App usability tests
· Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel