What’s the leisure concept in our post-crisis society? Is your offer in line with changes in your current and potential customers’ expectations? How to optimise your offer in order to retain your most strategic customer segments? What are the key points in your customers’ experience? What threats and opportunities are emerging with digital technologies and e-commerce?

Keys for your inspiration:

Together we’ll tackle the current situation in your business and in your direct competition, the areas for improvement you’ve identified and their causes, contrasting these perceptions with recent developments in our society’s leisure concept. This will lay the basis for our research proposal, so that you can take a step further using your insights and ours, and giving you greater value and relevance.

We’ve in-depth knowledge of the role of leisure (as a compensatory mechanism) in people’s sense of personal balance, and how it evolves through life’s stages.

We’re alert to all the emerging trends, and the psychosocial realities they’re responding to. Our institute’s knowledge serves as a starting point to help you develop new concepts for products, services and experiences in the leisure and free-time area.

We manage customer panels so you can find out the 1x1 offers your customers are receiving and swiftly update your offer, and also for co-creating and evaluating new initiatives.

Some markets we’ve explored/diagnosed:

Hospitality and Catering, Leisure and Theme Parks, Shopping and Leisure Centres, Travel and Tourism Centres, Brand Experience spaces, FMCG brands, Wellness & Beauty, Sports & Adventure…

Projects carried out for our clients:
Development of new concepts/leisure spaces
Brand strategy and management
· Brand image surveys
· Brand health and positioning
Products and services
· Life stages and evolution of consumer needs and aspirations
· Leisure needs and perception of the offer
· Creation of the commercial offer Mix
· Innovation and re-positioning of the offer
· Concept tests, product tests
Customer strategy
· Customer segmentation
· Recruitment and retention strategy
Touchpoints and Mystery
· Customer experience: Perceived quality, satisfaction and recommendation
· Shopper behaviour and multi-channel strategy
· Online shoppers
· Customer panels
· Service auditing