How to (re)build your brand’s credibility and appeal? How can you optimise your customers’ satisfaction and retention? How to innovate by capitalising on your team’s market knowledge? How can you optimise the cost and perception of customer service in different channels?

Here are some keys for your inspiration:

Together we’ll review the causes of the problem you’ve encountered, and contrast this information with the society and consumer macro-trends impacting on the financial sector. We’ll devise research that will take a step further by using your insights and ours, thus giving you greater value and relevance.

We’ve extensive experience in exploring what drives your customers, and how they evolve through each stage of life. We work day-to-day with their particular perception of risk, and of the protection they expect to find in a product or a relationship. We'll help you to interpret and overcome the mistrust caused by certain offers, or the feeling of distance generated by the financial sector. When we talk about transparency, how does that take shape in the guidance provided? And in the offer? What are the pillars of the trust they place in your company? What initiatives are consolidating it? Which ones are endangering it? We go beyond the clichés to find opportunities for offers and service improvement.

Our research experience in the financial sector includes:

Brand strategy and management
· Brand awareness and image studies
· Financial institution reputation and credibility factors
Products and services
· Customer life-cycle and evolution of their financial needs
· Financial needs and perception of the offer
· Product innovation and re-positioning workshops
· Concept tests, product tests
Customer strategy
· Customer segmentations and typologies
Touchpoints and Mystery
· Customer experience: Perceived quality, satisfaction and recommendation
· Multi-Channel and Customer Journey
· Competitor analysis and product Mystery surveys

We’ve explored and interpreted most financial service markets with our clients, including commercial banking, credit cards and payment forms, consumer credit, high net worth and private banking, as well as car, home, health, life and accident insurance. We’ve extensive experience in analysing the role of different financial distribution, broker and exclusive networks.